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Cornucopia The Legacy;

The view

A house with a view;

Expression, Music, Art an Expression of todays world!


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” Making music with my Friends!”

‘Country roads’


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“Interpretation, reflection and perspective!”

‘Our World today!’

Linguistic Expression

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World Reflections, Art, Poetry, Music and Theology.

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Five special things!

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Recipes for Food and play!

‘White widow’
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Something Special!

Whether it is the ‘Devil wears Prada!’ or Clothes fit for a Goddess!

Its been a while since I have focussed on my favourite things; Dance, Music, Art, clothes and singing. I will share my favourite clothes which are ideal for all sizes, materials fit for all sizes.

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Seasonal Creations!

Something special to enjoy and share, simple patterns for all!

The Balance

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Achieving a Balanced seat;

Using linguistics to protect in the balance.

How to evolve when the balance is dark!



A view of the Houses;

learning, scholarship.

The borders; a view from the balance!

How to transfer on achieving the light!

Incinerating recycled materials!


Traversing the crossover,

Review of parliamentary bases in the balance.

Protect and Serve; Why lives may be seen and lost!

guarding and evolving in the balance.

Mastering your World!