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Book Review; Echo 1 by Kent Wayne:

Today i had my first taste of Amazon Kindle, thanks to a gift from my lovely assistant, set up an account as i did my blonde moment! I began to read through the first chapters and as i proceded i eventually got into a reading rhythm, no reflection on the work it takes a while for the names and structures to equate into language and association, so it always takes a while for me to get into the flow of actually reading!

I have to say i clicked relatively well but mostly around the conversations between Atriya on meeting Verus an extremely well presented character, i love the rhythm and the attention to detail of the narrative, how intimately the characters are presented! The vision and fondness for the characters shows by the focus on the personality, the commradery is endearing and shows a real connection between the characters who render you focussed wanting to read further into the scene and pluck the characters out and see them move!

I find the military focus reminds me of several games, Destiny and Fallout where this kind of narrative would fit in well to become the basis of a game, as much as it may seem strange every time i read a layering with “plasma” or “batons” my visual is of the characters seem to visualise the interplanetary or appocolypse style locations!

I love the glitches into street and playground vocals, the interplay between the characters which is uber masculine, derogatory humour is not everyone’s taste but it is islands between creative, intelectual and well defined representations of a personalised level of military descriptives! The Humour is articulated in comedic perfection as a personal fan of the author’s musings Kent Wayne really has an endearing teen anxst personality, with regards to his whitty and inventive reflections on the scratch and sniff levels of human interraction!

Aside from the comedic landscape of Atriya’s connections to the troops, the dark interractions are gritty, well defined and clearly set the scene!

I am on chapter 7 of echo 1;

Quote” He turned and looked at her as he walked out of the chapel; She gazed steadily back. It sent a shiver down his spine. He wouldn’t see her again for a long while. When he did, he would return a different man. A broken one!”

To be honest i find this ending haunting and it almost makes me want to sit up all night to read the rest! So well written, such wonderful flow to the calm scenes and a wonderful fractured rhythm to the hostile narrative! Planned or not it articulates as much in textured complexity as it does in fluid rhythm, i could really see it as an animation, game play or film narrative!

As a Terry Pratchett fan, i have a fondness for unique perspectives, off the wall characters and satirical comedy! Along with a love of the classics, Poetry and international reflections of life transitions, his writing is exceptional and his fluidity between intricate echo’s of everday life within his own focus on Atriya and his place in the the military are going to be filling my few moments of spare time for the next few months!

So whether you are reading Mr Waynes musings or reading his array of works!

Happy Reading!


To my Friend Love Legacy


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      1. My runner husbands won’t but then it is just words……šŸ˜˜ still 20 yr immacculate all that time wasted, honor intact though…My right in love and kindness especially words….mmmm šŸ˜ just imagine in physicality āš°ļø here lies ….. died partying! lol what do you mean she professionally centred! tee heee lol

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  1. I don’t perform but it will be a spectacular view so don’t be surprised if you loose your composure and pop your cork! i will not be watching, just enjoying the waves! lol i will be helping you recover over and over again! lol


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